*Built for the professional Bassist*

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              "Each model is designed for the professional bassist, demanding a quality sound"           

   **(Over twenty years in the making, the FB-10 full range driver's design, is now perfected and available only at HAMHEADBASS)** 

  • HAMHEAD speakers have the BEST full range QUALITY SOUND, both for LIVE performance and in the studio, RECORDED. The entire HAMHEAD speaker line is hand crafted for optimal sound quality, with several aspects of construction in mind. Most important for a great bass sound is: (1) The strength of wood used; (2) the joint strength; (3) enclosure design; (4) and the driver design. There is NO way around this. These factors all contribute EQUALLY to the final sound. Not only fine materials but the manner of construction is key. The HAMHEAD bonding system pressurized joints, locking in over 350lbs of pressure per linear inch, (air tight, void free) throughout the cabinet's joints. Lastly the design of the FB-10 driver. The final result is an unusually tight and focused sound projection quality, for the size of the speaker. In other words, a SMALL BOX, with a BIG SOUND.
  • Most "BOUTIQUE" BASS cabinets, being produced today, have one important factor being overlooked . It's MIDRANGE quality, not dominance, but proportionate volume. I mean the quality articulation of midrange so necessary for a great bass sound in a LIVE situation. Most BOUTIQUE (expensive) speakers I have tested, sound great in the store or in my home. Most sparkling and rich, until they are used on a gig, live. The only way of determining a speaker's true sound, is live on a gig, in various rooms. That's how ALL HAMHEAD speakers are tested.
  • DID YOU KNOW that there is no gauge for sound quality existing today? THAT IS RIGHT, other than your EAR, there is no way of determining the QUALITY of sound from any spec sheet. Most bass speaker specs show 55Hz (range bottom) to 3.5KHz (useable range top). This coupled with it's wattage, will give you some idea of the speaker's capability. For MIDRANGE, there is no standard. Hence, our ear must be our guide. The quest for that perfect cabinet to complete our sound can be frustrating.


HAMHEAD cabinets are made with the very best materials. Every cabinet I produce is hand made with 3/4 inch 13ply void free Baltic birch (EXTREMELY RIGID) which insures a very tight bass bottom and focused sound projection. All hardware is road worthy for years of abuse, TESTED.


Used in every HAMHEAD cabinet is: high definition; 11 gauge oxygen free; rope wound; pure copper wire. All solder joints are made with the highest grade 4% pure silver solder. This process insures high conductivity and sonic transparency. Result is a noticeably better sound quality.

  • MY TIGHT BASS BOTTOMS AND MIDRANGE come from strong wood construction; braced and coupled with my extremely strong joint bonding system; solid port design; and of course my custom specs for a premium bass driver, the FB-10. ARE YOU LOOKING for the BEST product that WILL deliver a wide midrange band with DISTINCTIVE punchy character, TIGHT bottoms and CRISP highs?? then....T H I S * I S * I T !!
  • I AM BOASTING HAMHEAD as a superior sound product, because like anything realized, I have much experience and love for this science/magic. Weathered over thirty years experience in; research and design development; Working for a top custom bass speaker cabinet company for several years (Impact Audio) from 1982 building sound reinforcement speakers for Will Lee, George Benson, and Aretha Franklin to name a few. I have played bass with hundreds of bands and recorded in numerous studios in the NY NJ and Conn area. I gained further experience working for New York's premier acoustic design company (SIA Acoustics NYC/LA) the creators of SMAART software, there I supervised various sound design projects on location in NYC. and finally in extensive field testing my own designs (on many gigs over the years). I DO NOT MASS PRODUCE ANY CABINET. Every cabinet is painstakingly crafted by hand with the best materials. In designing and testing many prototypes, I arrived on the special characteristics needed, for my final production of cabinet and DRIVER. A great amount of attention is given to all of my speaker cabinets, before they will leave my shop.
  • IN BEING A BASS PLAYER, I'm sensitive to the demands of gigging musicians. I have pooled all my knowledge and resources to develop and build a far superior bass speaker line. The BEST in sound character, and portability, both LIVE and in the studio RECORDED. Perfection for the working musician.

  • MANY MANUFACTURERS produce bass cabinets that are computer analyzed for the particular speaker used, producing a "correct" sound which is usually flat, efficient, usually BORING (lacking mid articulation). The manufacturer that has figured out how to color outside the lines, is the one having great success. What I mean, is having a few accidents in a cabinet’s development is usually the way a great sound is discovered. I found ALL of my bass colleagues, when subjected to an A/B test, their preference between a perfectly computer spec cabinet and a slightly modified design, preferred these modified prototype cabinets.
  • USING YOUR POWER amp/preamp EQ settings, it’s easy to dial out the midrange in any cabinet, but the reverse is challenging, if not imposable. Just try (as we all have) to dial in a midrange quality that the cabinet can't produce effectively. Frustrating isn't it? but we settle for it. In most gigging situations there isn't time to properly EQ for that room (its safe to say we have all been there). That’s my motivation, that’s why I was driven to make a bass cabinet capable of sounding great (quickly) in any room. It's the parameter of midrange quality responsible for this.
  • YOU CAN EQ your amp head all day long, but if it has a small parameter of mid quality, you are faced with the same problem, a narrow margin of mid frequency (fall off) before bass and treble dominate, producing a non articulate sound. If you have spent a lot of money on a quality head like: WALTER WOODS; AMPEG; EDAN; GK; SWR; AI etc...All of which are capable of getting a wide midrange parameter, then WHY own a portable boutique cabinet that can't speak the same language. You would not be utilizing your amp's full potential. MY POINT BEING, acquire a cabinet that is comfortablly portable for gigging and can handle the full range parameters of quality midrange highs and low frequencies these leading amps can produce. HAMHEAD bass cabinets are designed for this very purpose.


All FB-10 drivers are cast aluminum. The FB-10 is produced exclusively for HAMHEADBASS (by EMINENCE Spk. Co.), made to HAMHEAD's specifications. ********* Copyright 2006 ************* CONTACT INFO****** www.frankbruno@hamheadbass.com (914)720-6640