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"Tonys Piggy" (CX 1X8), is a 1x8" coax speaker designed for Archtop and Solid Body electric Guitar. Its surprising warmth add's a sonic beauty to any guitar played through it. The rear port design creates a full room bass surround, as the front loaded driver delivers a warm punch and clarity. You will just have to hear it to believe it. This little wonder Is best used live and in a recording studio. The measurments are 15-1/2" High by 11-1/2" Wide by 10" Deep. The power handling is 250w rms 470w peak. It is equipped with 2 driver's (CX) capable of aprox 48Hz up to 20,000Hz all in a very small and light package. Total weight is aprox 24lbs. Another feature is its side mounted, recessed, crossover attenuation control.  Last but not least, the cabinet is finished in original fender vintage tweed. This speaker lists for $1189.00


"Tonys Piggy" (CX 1x8), is 250w rms to 470 peak into 8 ohm. It reproduces a rich full tone for arch top or solid body guitar. "Super sound quality," were the responces from endorcers when tested live in the field.


The rear port design is solid 3/4" 13ply Birch baffel, the same material as the cabinet, insuring a very tight focused projection.


This crossover control is located on the cabinets's side, for ease of access.


The "Pork Rind" (B 1X8) for bass, is a 1x8" neodymium HEMP cone and RUBBER surround driver, in a small, rear ported HAMHEAD bass inclosure. Only one single driver in the cabinet, but the low range of this speaker ,with its rich warm tone, will astound you . The natural compression (responce) of this 8" speaker (for bass) is great fun to play through, either small gigs or just practice, you will sound great and have fun. Some like recording with it. The power rateing is 150w rms 300-peak into 8 ohm's. The total weight is 14lbs complete. Measures 15"x11"x10". -----copyright 2006


The rear port delivers a huge bass responce for a cabinet not much bigger than a shoe box.