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The "Little Hammy" (FB110) is truly a mouse that roares. With 1X10" driver in the cabinet that measures only 17" High by 14" Wide by 12" Deep. The total weight of this speaker is only 32lbs. This small, but loud and present, box is designed to fill a 100ft room with ease. This speaker has a very articulate quality sound. Its rear port utilizes the walls to create an ambient blanket of bass in the room.  The FB-10 cone design is unique in that it has two cones (the 2nd being a small inner cone) operating off one voice coil, eliminating the need for a coax driver (tweeter) or crossover, yet it reaches from 45Hz to upward of 7.5 kHz. The midrange. Bottom, and highs are clearly superlative. List Price is $1159.00 


The "Little Hammy" (FB 110), is 200w rms, 400w peak into 8ohm's.


The rear port is made with a 3/4" 13 ply birch baffel, the same material as the cabinet, which insures a tight focused sound projection. LITTLE HAMMY also features a LOCKING phone jack and a speakon connection, wired in parallel for use with an extention speaker not exceeding the ohm limit of your transistor head. (If your using an all tube head, there is no ohm limit). These features are standard on all HAMHEAD cabinets.


The "HAM HOCK" (FB210) is a 4 ohm, rear ported little monster equipped with 2 FB-10's. It measures 17" High by 23-1/2" Wide by 12" Deep. 400w rms 800w peak power. This cabinet does the work of four tens with half the size and weight, It has a specially designed port which reproduces a bass bin effect, giving you all the lows you need. The two FB-10 (cone in cone) full range drivers, stretch the envelope from 45 hz all the way to near 10,000hz (no need for a tweeter). The mids; bass; and highs are very natural, clear, punchy, and unusually articulate. The list price is $2,229.00

To email me with questions and/or arrange for a demonstration in the New York metro area, it's: www.frankbruno@hamheadbass.com Please view my other speaker models and thanks for visiting HAMHEADBASS


The "HAM HOCK" (FB 210) cabinet gives a huge amount of bass responce, even in an upright position. There are handels on both ends of the cabinet and rubber feet on one end (when the upright position is desired). ..................Copyright 2006